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'Katamari Damacy' Vita Gets Wacky A Debut TGS Trailer

Matt Gardner
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'Katamari Damacy' Vita Gets Wacky A Debut TGS Trailer

Although it's only a working title for the moment, Katamari Damacy for the PS Vita has landed itself a suitably colourful, utterly barmy trailer that hints at the new features that'll be seen in this latest instalment of Namco's insane roll 'em up.

Apparently, that disgracefully fiddly rear touchpad on the Vita will be used to squeeze and stretch your katamari, which has both scared and intrigued us in equal measure. Mind you, we envisage the basic functions of pulling apart and pushing together motions far less frustrating than attempting to emulate Marble Madness when you can't see your hand.

You’re going to have to listen your old pop the King of All Cosmos once again as he commands you to roll up anything and everything in sight! One of the coolest new features is the ability to use the rear touch pad of the PS Vita to S-T-R-E-T-C-H and SQUEEZE that katamari both horizontally and vertically to pick the world around you in ways never before done in a Katamari game. You’ll be rolling up everything from the tiniest of ants to the enormous masses of Earth like Mount Fuji and BEYOND! - Rich Bantegui, Namco Bandai Games Community Manager

We want this. We want it now! But although it's confirmed as a launch window title for Japan, there's still no telling when we'll see a Vita ourselves let alone another Katamari rainbow masterpiece. [PS Blog]

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clootiepudding  Sep. 16, 2011 at 13:16

Every version since PS2 has been a pale imitation. A travesty, a travesty of a pale imitation ... of a fiasco. Please stop getting our hopes up.


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