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Katamari Forever Pre-order £17.99 @ DVD.Co.UK [PS3 Games]

Lydia Low
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Katamari Forever Pre-order £17.99 @ DVD.Co.UK [PS3 Games]

Namco roll out (ha!) another Katamari game, this time for the PS3. It's due out this Friday (18th September) and so far the previews seem to suggest that, as well as being a return to Sony, it will be a return to form for the well loved series after the slightly disappointing Beautiful Katamari. To preorder you are looking at a price of at least £30 from the vast majority of retailers but Amazon are offering it for £24.85 and DVD.co.uk are selling it for the amazing price of £17.99!

The King of All Cosmos is suffering from a serious bout of amnesia after smacking his head off a planet. This dent in his memory has affected the universe, leaving levels from past games stripped of colour and needing the Prince to put things right in a twist that turns your Katamari into a paint roller, in gameplay reminiscent of Wii game De Blob. Meanwhile a robot doppelgänger of the King, RoboKing, has gone on a wild rampage and destroyed all the stars, leaving the prince with even more work to do!

Katamari Forever is comprised of 30 levels, each containing unlockable modes, a mixture of remixed levels from previous games and brand new ones. New additions to gameplay include the “King Shock”, a move which sucks items onto the katamari and the “Prince Hop” which allows the prince to jump. Players can select a choice of filters in addition to the usual trippy graphics (now in 1080p!), these include wood grain, pencil and cel-shaded effects. Like the recent Beautiful Katamari, there is a lamentable lack of online multiplayer but there is at least online leader boards and local multiplayer options.

Katamari Forever has been very well received in Japan and looks set to be a great game; sticking to the usual winning formula of “roll stuff around” but keeping things fresh with a few new twists. If you've never played Katamari before then it's worth trying the demo on PSN before you leap into purchase.

Thanks to whizzkid from Hotukdeals!

Katamari Forever Pre-order £17.99 @ DVD.Co.UK [PS3 Games]

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