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Kaz Hirai On PS4 Reveal Timing: "Why Go First?"

Jonathan Lester
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Kaz Hirai On PS4 Reveal Timing: "Why Go First?"

According to a suggestive statement from Kaz Hirai, Sony might wait for Microsoft to announce the Xbox successor before revealing the PlayStation 4... or perhaps even hold back their public release until the after Xbox 720 hits shelves.

When asked about the next Sony console by The Times newspaper, Sony's CEO replied, "why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

A short response, but an interesting one nonetheless. It's likely that Hirai is referring to the timing of the reveal rather than the release date, considering that Sony Europe have already suggested that letting Microsoft get the jump on the PS4 would be "undesirable." Not to mention the fact that radically changing the hardware will be difficult at this late stage for either company. The extra time could be useful for tweaking the marketing campaign in order to better differentiate it from the competition and capitalise on weaknesses in Microsoft's publicity or pricing.

With E3 2013 hotly tipped for both Microsoft and Sony's next-gen reveals, Hirai could well simply be referring to the fact that Sony's evening press conference is always held after Microsoft's morning event. Either way, rumours about the new consoles are reaching fever pitch, and it will be interesting to see which manufacturer breaks cover first.

[thanks, IGN UK]

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