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Ken Levine Slams 'Silly' Puppet Sex In Games And Prudish Industry

Matt Gardner
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Ken Levine Slams 'Silly' Puppet Sex In Games And Prudish Industry

Ken Levine today likened video game depictions of lovemaking to scenes involving puppets, such as that found in the Parker and Stone satire Team America.

Speaking to VG247, Levine intimated that he wasn't sure whether or not the industry should be depicting sex:

'I think it’s not about being interactive. I think it’s more about people not understanding what it is. If you think about the amount of, for example, nudity in a videogame… it’s not even nudity. It’s a puppet with its clothes off. There are other problems as well. It’s kind of silly in videogames right now, because – again – puppets with their clothes off.

'It’s more like [the movie] Team America. The sex scene in Team America as opposed to, you know, the sex scene in Black Swan.'

Levine went on to relate the mixed perceptions of the industry to a certain prudishness, saying that 'the fact that’s even controversial says that the perception of the industry is that we’re making toys or something, as opposed to making creative expressions for a range of audiences – including adults. I think there’s still some prudishness.'

We'd agree on both counts, particularly having seen pixellated dolls mash themselves together rather humorously in games like Dragon Age and Heavy Rain. [VG247]

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Josh  Apr. 7, 2011 at 15:29

Fired up Fahrenheit on the PS2 the other day and managed to guide Lucas toward an intimate moment with his ex (something I hadn't done previously). Imagine my horror when I had to push 'up' on the right thumbstick to make Lucas thrust. Again, and again, and again.

Easily the most unsettling scene in videogaming, and my Shepard slept with Garrus...

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