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Kickstarter Will Accept British Projects From This Autumn

Jonathan Lester
Indie Games, Kickstarter, UK games

Kickstarter Will Accept British Projects From This Autumn

Time For UK Developers To Get A Piece Of The Action

Time and again, we've bemoaned the fact that Kickstarter has only allowed US-based companies to crowd fund their projects, but the firm has announced that UK developers will be able to use the service from this Autumn. Since the Double Fine Adventure raised awareness of the platform (which previously allowed indie games like No Time To Explain to scrape enough cash together to release), over 700 crowd-funded games have been green-lit, making Kickstarter a force to be reckoned and a potentially viable alternative to traditional publisher relationships. We can't wait to see what the UK indie scene comes up with. [MCV]

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Tsung  Jul. 11, 2012 at 08:00

Mmmmmm. I see benefits in the Kick-starter system (Yes I backed Carmageddon as I want to play it again!), however, I'm already starting to see the drawbacks.

Take Retrovirus for instance, a game by Cadenza Interactive*(previous game Soul Survivor). They jumped onto the Kickstarter site trying to raise $75,000 to produce the Retrovirus game. I saw this as an attempt to get me to pre-order their game without any real incentive to do so. The game was already in development so I wasn't sure what I was funding. I fear in the future this might become the standard way for any game to be funded/developed.

I don't think Kick-starter is a bad system, I think there needs to be checks in place to ensure only genuine campaigns are listed. Otherwise it just becomes a begging bowl for all developers.

*PS. I'm using Cadenza Interactive as an example. I loved Soul Survivor so much so that I managed to convince at least 10 friends to buy it. It just seemed to me they saw how successful some previous Kick-starter campaigns were and thought Mmmmm. we want a bit of that pie.


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