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Kid Icarus Uprising: Circle Pad Pro Is Compatible (And Comfortable) With Default Right-Handed Controls - here's how

JonLester |  Mar. 23, 2012 at 15:02

Kid Icarus: Uprising has released today on the 3DS, and I've been playing through it to review over the last couple of days. However, while early reports are incredibly positive, many of my peers have pointed out that the stylus-based controls become uncomfortable over long periods. Nintendo's Circle Pad Pro peripheral makes the console much more comfortable to hold for extended sessions, but was originally only intended to support left handed players. That's the party line.

Luckily, I've discovered that it's possible to sneakily rebind the controls to allow right handed players to use the Circle Pad Pro without having to learn a new control scheme, which provides a curved grip and massively reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome for those with larger hands.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this will increase the weight of the overall unit, however, and those with smaller hands will probably still want to stick with the original setup.

Under standard control setups, the Circle Pad Pro uses the right thumbpad for movement and the right trigger to shoot, which is naturally incredibly counter-intuitive for right handed players. However, you can bind attack to the left trigger by delving into the labrythine options menu.

1:Select profile, enter options menu

2: Controls -> Control Configuration -> Default -> Default -> Key Bindings menu

3: Rebind the A Button or Left Trigger's 'attack' command to the RIGHT trigger

The right trigger? Yes indeed. Since The Circle Pad Pro's controls are inverted, this will enable the peripheral's left trigger for attack, while allowing you to reset the camera by pressing the A button or Right Trigger. And there you go: a comfortable way to hold the 3DS without resorting to the clunky kickstand.

I'm amazed that Nintendo didn't include this as a selectable control mode, but there's still room for improvement. It's odd that Nintendo didn't include dual-pad controls from the get-go.

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