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Kid Icarus Uprising drops to £14.86 again in the Shopto Pay Day Sale

Kid Icarus Uprising, Nintendo 3DS

Kid Icarus Uprising drops to £14.86 again in the Shopto Pay Day Sale

Kid Icarus Uprising is a triumphant and emphatic return to form for Nintendo. It contains more innovation, more personality and more unabashed fun than we've seen over the last two years from the beloved company; creating a unique, gorgeous, unfailingly competent and staggeringly replayable portable epic.

Uncomfortable controls stop Uprising from securing perfect marks, but be in no doubt, this absolutely has to become part of your collection. Kid Icarus Uprising Review | Soaring Return To Form

We really do have to take our hats of to Shopto,net for this month's Pay Day Sale. We have seen some great offerings from them including Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4) for only £29.86, XCOM Enemy Unknown (PS3) at £2.86 and Scribblenauts Unlimited on the Nintendo 3Ds at £5.86. They've really given us no excuse not to experience cheap gaming this summer.

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