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Killer Is Dead Trailer Is Pervy, Sleazy, Jazzy

Jonathan Lester
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Killer Is Dead Trailer Is Pervy, Sleazy, Jazzy

This latest jazzy trailer for Killer Is Dead shows us some of the "lovely ladies" who task hitman Mondo Zappa with all manner of assassinations. They'll get a discount of course, for the bargain price of a smooch... right before Mondo uses 'Gigolo Glasses' to look at their lingerie. Then he goes to the moon, because this is a Goichi Suda game and nothing has to make sense.

Oh, come on Suda. More gameplay, less potentially offensive cheesecake next time please. Killer Is Dead is out in August on PS3 and Xbox 360, and it's set to be bonkers - though we hope that all of this embarrassing titillation actually adds something to the experience beyond tawdry sex appeal.

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