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Killzone 2 (Platinum) £14.95 @ Zavvi [PS3 Game]

Marius Goubert
First person shooter, Killzone, PS3 games
Playstation 3

Killzone 2 (Platinum) £14.95 @ Zavvi [PS3 Game]If you need a decent first person shooter to get stuck into this summer, Killzone 2 is easily one of the best on market at the moment. Although there are a lot of people who over-hyped this game and are now getting on their high horse and trying to be critical, the truth is, if this game doesn’t satisfy your thirst for combat, you should get yourself over to Afghanistan.

Because, all in all, Killzone 2 is a game which delivers the whole package. If you appreciate a really decent first person shooter and are not one of those neurotic people who hates having a platinum box in your game collection, KZ2 is currently available for pre-order from Zavvi priced £14.95. After the £15 price mark, the game is going for a few pounds more on Amazon, but after that the price leaps up to around £20.

The critical reception which Killzone 2 received speaks volumes regarding the game's high quality. Based on 93 reviews, it attained an average score of 91%, with an Australian Playstation Magazine even giving it a full score of 10/10.

Completely blown away, the Aussies described Killzone 2’s visual animations as ‘amazingly fluid’, its gameplay as ‘intense sweaty palmed action’ and finally (in a rather bold statement), described it as ‘the best first person shooter ever made’. Although some would beg to differ, few could dispute that Killzone 2 is a very special FPS, and, in the words of someone from the hotukdeals thread, ‘worth £15 of anyone’s money’.

Killzone 2 (Platinum) £14.95 @ Zavvi [PS3 Game]

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dunfyboy  Aug. 21, 2009 at 23:08

Link does go to The Hut, despite saying Amazon.

shaq  Aug. 23, 2009 at 17:50

cheaper at zavvi.co.uk for £14.95

Emma Kelly  Aug. 23, 2009 at 23:10

Thanks shaq, post updated.


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