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Killzone 3 Action Figures Out Soon!

Tom Silkstone
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Killzone 3

Killzone 3 Action Figures Out Soon!

DC Unlimited have probably made your day if you're a massive Killzone 3 fan, because they're releasing some remarkably detailed six inch action figures of the Helghast Assault Infantry and Helghast Snipers!

The action figures have several points of articulation, so you should be able to stand them in a couple of different poses if you get bored of them being frozen in place for too long, or if you fancy a bit of light hearted comedy!

At the moment, there are only listings for the cool little models at Play and Forbidden Planet, although it seems that Play are only stocking the sniper. The damage to your wallet is the same at both merchants at £16.99.

Their release date seems to be the 1st July, so you'll have to wait off until then to begin assembling your miniature army. Also, this is just Series 1, which means more'll probably on the shop shelves in the future. [joystiq]

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Travis Touchdown  Apr. 15, 2011 at 15:07

I wonder if the *wall* of k3 Helghast editions at my local HMV (priced for about a fiver more than the standard editions) could be considered a barometer of the demand for killzone merchandise?


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