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Killzone 3 Preview | Open Beta Impressions

Felix Kemp
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Killzone 3 | Playstation 3

Killzone 3 Preview | Open Beta Impressions

Brendan's already dived into Killzone 3 and delivered an all-encompassing preview covering the campaign, multiplayer and even Move functionality. But with an Open Beta out in the wild and release mere weeks away, I thought I'd bring you one last impressions piece to whet your appetite on just what Killzone 3's multiplayer has to offer.


Killzone 3 Preview | Open Beta Impressions

If you're familiar with Killzone 2's multiplayer, you'll be familiar with Warzone. Essentially, it's all the game modes thrown into one structured yet randomized mix, a raffle of deathmatch and objective-based bouts. It's largely unchanged for Killzone 3, and is set on the Beta's only map, Frozen Dam, a Helghast facility nestled in the frigid arms of an ice cap, snow and bullets flying in every direction.

Warzone was my favorite mode in Killzone 2, and little has changed with the sequel. You're constantly having to adapt to an ever-changing series of orders, be it locating a particular member of the enemy team to off in Assassination, or protecting vital areas of the map in Capture and Hold. Frozen Dam is an excellent choice for the Beta, as its sprawling exteriors and labyrinthine interiors keep things fresh and varied.


Killzone 3 Preview | Open Beta Impressions

Operations is an exciting addition to Killzone's multiplayer, a staged affair where the ISA must break through the Helghast defenses to open up further portions of the map. Guerrilla also adds a little flair with cinematic cutscenes bridging each stage, the top three players from each team featuring in pivotal scenes of either success of tragedy.

Operations is a perfect example of Killzone's tactical nature. The run and gun bravado of Call of Duty won't work here; if you're the ISA, it's vital you pick a few members of your team to fan out and open the blast doors as the others distract the enemy, whereas the Helghast must contend with this split strategy, employing attackers and defenders at strategic positions across the stage.


Killzone 3 Preview | Open Beta Impressions

Unlike Killzone 2, where you unlocked classes with enough playtime under your belt, in Killzone 3 you can muck around with all five classes from the very beginning. It opens up the game and allows players to experiment with different play-styles and tactics. Want to sit back, cloaked, and snipe from afar? Then choose the Marksman. Fancy zapping fallen comrades back to their feet? Pick the Field Medic, then.

However, at the beginning each class only has one primary weapon to choose from and one class-specific ability. Taking a page from Call of Duty's book, Guerrilla have added experience points you can spend on upgrades. The Marksman, for instance, can only stay cloaked for a limited period of time, but with enough experience points you can remain invisible for as long as you wish. You have secondary abilities, sidearms like the terrific Shotgun Pistol, and a range of passive abilities like Armor and Silent Footsteps to put to good use.

Overall, Killzone 3 is shaping up to be a terrific shooter come the end of February. For my money, Killzone 2's multiplayer is still the best on offer on all platforms, so it'll be interesting to see if the third entry can avoid series fatigue and keep the pace moving.

But what did you think of the Open Beta? Was it to your liking or did you prefer how it was before? As always, sign off in the comments section below!

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