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Kinect Support Announced For FIFA 13 And Madden 13

Matt Gardner
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Kinect Support Announced For FIFA 13 And Madden 13

EA Sports have announced that Kinect voice recognition will be supported in their two upcoming flagship titles: FIFA 13 and Madden 13.

In the former, players will be able to make substitutions and change up their tactics and preset formations using Kinect, without breaking the flow of the game or going into any menus. Moreover, you'll be able to issue commands to your teammates, call for the ball, ask defenders to hassle oncoming players, and also yell at refs. If Kinect detects you swearing at a referee decision, this'll apparently be noted in the commentary.

NFL legend Joe Montana took to the stage to demo Kinect in Madden 13, call out plays and issuing commands via vioce control while running the game via controller.

Madden 13 is out on stores on August 28th, FIFA 13 will release this September.

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rosendred  Jul. 5, 2012 at 13:13

Kinect support FIFA 13 !! I am out of my sense...Wow..Basically the features also huge for me.

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