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From Free MMOs to Kinect's Daily Improvement - News Roundup 21st July 2010

Jonathan Lester
Dungeons & Dragons Online, Games news, Kinect, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Tetsuya Mizuguchi

D&D Online Going Free-to-Play in Europe

From Free MMOs to Kinect's Daily Improvement - News Roundup 21st July 2010

As a deals website, we like to keep a close eye on free games that make the news- and we've got another one for you. Turbine has announced that they'll be finally asserting European control over Dungeons & Dragons Online from the 20th of August, meaning that we'll be able to get involved for free without having to go through US servers.

If you've already invested in D&D Online, you'll be able to swap your character over to the new servers for free- as well as receiving 5000 Turbine points (worth around £42) for your trouble.

As we like to say: this one's half news, half deal and all awesome. Shame the game itself isn't a lot better... but hey, we've already reported that LOTR Online will be free to play this Autumn as well. You'll just have to choose between Beholders or Nazguls. [Eurogamer]

Mizuguchi: Kinect is Improving Day by Day

From Free MMOs to Kinect's Daily Improvement - News Roundup 21st July 2010

Kinect has frequently come under fire (from the likes of Jonathan Ross and the infinitely more qualified Digital Foundry) for a the possibility of a significant amount of lag. Luckily, legendary developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi has stepped up to the plate to defend the peripheral, stating that the software is constantly improving and there's literally nothing for us to worry about.

"Every day the technology and software improves, so we're constantly tuning it. Nothing is optimal at the beginning of a new technology, but it's been getting better and better the more we work with it."

Mizuguchi knows what he's talking about. His upcoming Kinect title, Child of Eden, is set to carry on Rez's synesthesia concept and will probably be the first game that sells the platform to the hardcore audience. We hope that more developers will follow his example. [CVG]

Just in case you didn't know, Microsoft has also finally stopped dallying and released Kinect's price point. In a move that surprised literally no-one at all, it will be retailing for £129 along with the minigame-tastic Kinect Adventures. A stripped down 4 gig arcade version of the new Xbox console will also be available as part of a package deal. [Major Nelson]

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Trailered and Dated for Japan

From Free MMOs to Kinect's Daily Improvement - News Roundup 21st July 2010

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, the next installment in Square Enix's anarchic hybrid of fantasy RPG and classic Disney characters, has received an impressive new trailer that demonstrates an eclectic mix of genres. Smooth 3D adventuring and real-time swordplay appears right alongside classic turn-based combat and 2D platforming, with retro-style maze levels and even a classic SHMUP section making a surprise debut. The graphics are looking sharp and impressive for a DS title, and the new gameplay elements should inject a jet of fresh air into the series. For a DS remake of a mobile phone series, it's looking fairly handy.

Note: apologies for the Japanese soundtrack and bizarre French captions.

In other news, Square have confirmed that Kingdom Hearts Re:coded will be released on October 7th in Japan. There's currently no news on a European release date yet... but considering that the gameplay was featured at E3, Sora's next adventure will almost certainly reach British shores after it's been localised. [1UP]

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