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King of Clubs £4.99 @ HMV [Wii Games]

Tom Silkstone
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King of Clubs £4.99 @ HMV [Wii Games]

Imagine you were an Elvis impersonator who came into some money, your immediate thought might not be to construct a mini-golf course and then force your friends into wearing fancy dress and entering a competition where the winner's crowned the King of Clubs in order to avoid playing through the holes by yourself, but that's exactly what Bubba does in this game.

HMV are currently parting with copies of the game on the Wii for £4.99, which is exactly £4 cheaper than the next best offer coming in from Powerplay Direct.

As you step into the game your first choice'll be picking which of the ridiculous'll attired characters you'll play as, and that choice'll be entirely dependent on what your fancy dress preferences are, as the characters' clothing is pretty much the only thing that distinguishes them from one another.

You'd thing that constructing a mini-golf game would be pretty simple, considering all it involves is putting, whereas other golf games such as the Tiger Woods series have been able to wonderfully convert the actions of the sport into the Wii's motion controlled environment. Unfortunately, you should discover pretty early on in the game that you don't have to strike up the familiar golf stance in order to get the ball rolling, you can quite happily sit on your sofa, hit the A button on the Wii mote and then wave the controller around at random until you reach the desired power level for the shot.

There are a range of unlockables which feel like they've been added to try and hold your interest rather than posing a challenge to obtain, and include putters, characters, and multiplayer modes.

It's a shame this doesn't really hit any of the right buttons because a mini-golf game done well could be so much fun on the Wii, but then again at £4.99 you won't be losing out on much by taking a punt on this one.

Thanks to SeeBell @ HUKD

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