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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Preorder £17.73 @ The Hut [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Preorder £17.73 @ The Hut [XBox 360 Games]

Those who are itching for the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days start getting excited: you now have just a couple of days left to wait!
Last month I posted about Coolshop's great preorder deal at just £22.49. However if you took my advice then I am sorry; you may want to cancel it because The Hut have now gone one better and have set their preorder price at just £17.73, undercutting Cool Shop by nearly £5!

358/2 is the first of the Disney/Square-Enix collaborative series to be released on the DS and, fortunately, it looks set to be great, having achieved very good reviews in the US and, especially, Japan. Aimed at those who are already fans of the series, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is an interquel which tells the story of what was going on between Kingdom Hearts I and II. Therefore the narrative focuses on Roxas and shows us what happened after his creation as a Nobody at the end of the first game.

Once again featuring a host of beautifully realised Disney locations as well as brand new Kingdom Hearts IP, 358/2 Days is a fantastically presented game, with fun combat and a deep customisation system using the new panel mechanic. There is also now a multiplayer option with both co-op and competitive modes of play. Sadly the game does not make use of the DS's touch screen capabilities, the camera can be a pain and the soundtrack is a bit of a cop out with recycled tunes and voiced sections kept to a minimum. But with plenty of unlockable materials and multiplayer action, if you are a Kingdom Hearts fan, this is a game that should keep you happy right up until Halloween.

Thanks to andywedge at Hotukdeals!

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Gunn  Oct. 6, 2009 at 23:06

How annoying, I had pre-ordered with thehut when it was around £23.96 then I saw it on zavvi for £17.95 so cancelled my order.

Anyone know if thehut lower prices for pre-orders?


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