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Little King's Story £11.95 @ Shop To [Wii Games]

Lydia Low
Little King's Story, Real time strategy, Wii games

Little King's Story £11.95 @ Shop To [Wii Games]

When you heard the words: "Little King's Story to be released on the Nintendo Wii", did you think "Gadzooks! That sounds like a thrill ride of a game that will keep me entertained until MW2 comes out!" or, like me, was your reaction more along the lines of "Ho hum, another saccharine, family-friendly fable for the Wii, probably made by some no hoper third party looking to make a quick quid"?

Thankfully it turns out Little King's Story is actually an innovative and enjoyable game from the creator of Harvest Moon, which was very warmly received by critics and gamers alike.

For a couple of months now Sainsburys have been offering the title for just £10 - but only instore, so if you don't have a store near you, or, like me, you just can't find the darn thing no matter how many times you drop in, then that knowledge will serve only as an irritating tease. Finally the internet has an offer that's almost as good - Shop To are currently selling Little King's Story for just £11.95 which is over three pounds less than the next best price (£15.47 from Tesco).

Little King's Story £11.95 @ Shop To [Wii Games]This tale of a little boy who stumbles into a magical land and becomes king is a lovely looking rpg/rts crossover with fantastic boss battles and oodles of charm. It's a shame that this Wii exclusive game doesn't make better use of the Wii's unique technology but this is a small gripe against an immensely enjoyable and playable game.

Thanks to heatlight at Hotukdeals!

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DJ Spendthrift  Nov. 16, 2009 at 23:22

Amazing game, shame it's not very popular and always discounted


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