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Kirby's Adventure Wii To Launch On 25th November

Matt Gardner
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Kirby's Adventure Wii To Launch On 25th November

It hasn't had quite as long a development history as Duke Nukem Forever, but after six years in the wilderness, Kirby's Adventure Wii (titled Kirby' Return To Dream Land outside of Europe) has finally been slated and dated for an EU launch on November 25th.

November will be a busy month for Ninty fans, with Zelda: Skyward Sword dropping a week earlier, and a barrage of 3DS titles coming this winter.

The  game will handle much the same as Kirby's Epic Yarn, with the Wiimote held on its side, but up to four players will be able to join in the fun with Meta Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee all playable alongside the pink blob.

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