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Kirby's Epic Yarn | £24.98 | Amazon & The Game Group | Wii

Tom Silkstone
Good-Feel, HAL Laboratory, Nintendo, Platform games, Platformers, Wii games
Kirby's Epic Yarn | Wii

Kirby's Epic Yarn | £24.98 | Amazon & The Game Group | Wii

You won't be running around hoovering up enemies like they were tasty snacks in this one, because that ability's been snatched away from Kirby! Instead you can turn them into balls of yarn, which you can then throw around, or you could always whip them into submission! Kirby can also transform into a couple of things in order to make your way through a level that little bit easier. Amazon and The Game Group are parting with copies of the game for £24.98, which is just over £3 cheaper than the next best offers.

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