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Kojima: 'It Might Be Hard To Get Into Metal Gear Solid: Rising'

Matt Gardner
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Metal Gear Rising: Revengence

Kojima: 'It Might Be Hard To Get Into Metal Gear Solid: Rising'

Want your next slice of MGS to be a Snake-loving stealthy experience? Well you're not going to get it, as series creator Hideo Kojima has said that Snake fans might have to put their love of stealth to one side if they want to get the most from series spin-off Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

'If somebody thinks "I love Snake" and just really wants traditional stealth gameplay and that experience, then it may be hard to get into Rising, but for people who are more open and willing to try new things, it shouldn't be a problem,' said Kojima.

'Raiden in MGS 4 was received very well, and I wanted to keep going with that direction in Rising. The people who liked him in 4 will like him in this, but it's a personal preference.'

Rising is rumoured to be making a big appearance at the Spike VGAs next month, so we'll no a little more then. Earlier this week, Kojima hinted at a possible future for the 'proper' Metal Gear Solid series when he said that the studio would 'probably have to make' MGS 5 'at some point'. [OPM]


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DivideByZero  Nov. 24, 2011 at 11:50

I love the idea of the stealth but I don't have the patience or skill for it so generally end up running and gunning sections of MGS... this could be the most awesome MGS game yet!

Though I still have my doubts as spin-offs tend to be great ideas poorly executed.


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