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Konami Admit Silent Hill Downpour Delay

Felix Kemp
Konami, Silent Hill: Downpour

Konami Admit Silent Hill Downpour Delay

Q2 2012 Now

Once penciled in for November 4th, Konami has been worryingly quiet on the Silent Hill Downpour front. This close to release, we expect a few last-minute preview events or maybe even a new trailer? Screenshots? Please? Well, sadly it appears all is not well at Konami, after a select few retailers rescinded the November 4th date, with February and March of next year mooted.

Konami have since gotten in touch, and confirmed to Beef Jack that Downpour's release is now scheduled for a "Q2 2012" window. The game was present at both GamesCom and Eurogamer Expo events recently, and considering it was - once - just a few months from release, it wasn't quite as solid as we'd have liked. Konami appear to have swallowed their pride and held the game back for further polishing. Good on ya', lads. [Beef Jack]

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