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From Kotick's Deepest Desire to The Red Eye of Doom - News Roundup 21st June 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Kotick's Deepest Desire: To Charge CoD Subscriptions

From Kotick's Deepest Desire to The Red Eye of Doom - News Roundup 21st June 2010

In a rare moment of candour and honesty, Activision Archdemon CEO Bobby Kotick was quizzed by the Wall Street Post... and asked a remarkable question. What would he do if if he could have a single wish granted at the click of his fingers? Place your bets, folks. West and Zempella's heads on a pike? A Scrooge McDuck money vault? A lava pit built directly into the newly gutted Infinity Ward offices?

Well, it turns out that he'd charge us monthly subscriptions to play Call of Duty online... and is deeply annoyed that he didn't think of it sooner.

“I would have Call of Duty be an online subscription service tomorrow. I think we could do a lot more to really satisfy the interests of the customers. I think we could create so many things, and make the game even more fun to play. We haven’t really had a chance to do that yet, so that would be my snap of the fingers.”

When asked whether this was in the pipeline, Kotick replied: "hopefully." Remember, folks: sometimes dreams do come true... [Wall Street Post via NEOGAF]

Let's turn this around. What would you do to the games industry if you could have a single wish granted? Drop us a line in the comments!

360 S Introduces Red Eye of Impending Doom!

From Kotick's Deepest Desire to The Red Eye of Doom - News Roundup 21st June 2010

Many gamers were amused by the fact that the new Xbox 360S will no longer be able to succumb to the Red Ring of Death... not because the problem has necessarily been rectified, but because the 'ring of light' has literally been removed! However, the 360S still has a way of telling you that something seriously bad is going down- and it's even more sinister than before.

Say hello to the Red Eye of Impending Doom.

The REID lights up when the console senses that it's running too hot- and then it literally shuts itself down after flashing up a warning. Basically, it will give us a few seconds to say a prayer and grab our ankles! One question though... can this auto shutdown occur in the middle of an autosave? This could lead to some serious file corruption without relevant safeguards. [via Kotaku]

Twisted Metal Has Been in Development For 18 Months

From Kotick's Deepest Desire to The Red Eye of Doom - News Roundup 21st June 2010

We have mixed feelings about captain obvious Michael Pachter here at Dealspwn, but his prediction of a new Twisted Metal game was admittedly a good shout. David Jaffe's unveiling of the new Twisted Metal title was one of the few main "surprises" at this year's E3, and we've finally got a few details about his oft-denied offering.

Jaffe has been staunchly and violently denying that a new TM title was in the pipeline, but according to his Twitter feed, he's actually been working on it for 18 months. That's an awfully long time to be caught with your pants on fire, Dave! The reknowned developer has also stated that the last year and a half have been the most fun he's ever had.

Twisted Metal is clearly going to be very special indeed, though it's far too soon to make any value judgements just yet. Why not check out the recent (and crazy) gameplay trailer and see what you think? [VG247]

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