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LA Noire Once Filled Up SIX Discs

Felix Kemp

LA Noire Once Filled Up SIX Discs

We're just days away from Rockstar's detective thriller, LA Noire, and their scope was so vast for the title it fits snugly on three discs if you're purchasing it for the Xbox 360. But if three discs rubs you the wrong way, be happy Rockstar didn't fulfill their original ambition, which included packing the game on no less than six discs! Six! And the director, Brendan McNamara, has admitted the team is often "stupidly ambitious".

Speaking to the Official Xbox Magazine, McNamara admitted that it took "a lot of effort to get down to three discs", with the game once nudging past six discs and Team Bondi even struggling to fit the game onto the PS3's voluminous blu-ray discs. "We're pretty pleased that we got it down to that in the end," he admits, presumably with a sigh of relief. Apparently "miraculous compression" saved the day.

But just how does LA Noire fit on three discs? Is the adventure really that big? McNamara explains that it's "the biggest map that we've done and that Rockstar have done, so there's a lot of detail in there, and also a lot of actor's performances - 21 hours worth". That's a lot of content, and with reviews trickling in, the reception so far is good, if not quite as spectacular as first hoped. That said, I hope this isn't the last we see of LA Noire. [Official Xbox Magzine]

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Gunn  May. 17, 2011 at 16:38

Miraculous compression? Doesn't say if lossless or not


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