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LA Noire Tech "Will End Differentiation Between Games, Film and Television"

Felix Kemp
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L.A. Noire

LA Noire Tech "Will End Differentiation Between Games, Film and Television"

Remedy has been bragging about its new genre-busting mo-cap technology recently, but with no evidence to back it up it's difficult to put stock in their claims. Rockstar, on the other hand, have been showcasing LA Noire's groundbreaking animation for months now, and the developers behind the much-hyped MotionScan believe the tech can help bridge the gap between games, film and television.

Only recently, Quantic Dream CEO, David Cage, labelled MotionScan as an "interesting dead-end", due to its inability to capture full-body performances. But according to Brendan McNamara, who owns the company behind MotionScan, the tech is in place for such features. "When this technology can capture full body performances, the level of realism will be hard to differentiate between game, film and television," explains McNamara. MotionScan "embodies the future on a few levels".

I've been mightily impressed with what I've seen of the MotionScan tech in LA Noire thus far. The characters can emote in a far more fluid and convincing manner than we're used to, and I'm glad to see Rockstar empowering this tech beyond being a simple showcase of what it can do. Reading a criminal's facial patterns during an investigation could be an industry-defining moment come May. If Rockstar can pull it off, that is. [Develop]

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