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Landmark Beta Gameplay - Staking your claim | Dealspwn Playthrough

Carl Phillips
Dealspwn Playthrough, Gameplay, Landmark, Sony Online Entertainment

At the beginning of the year we looked at the Alpha build for what was then called Everquest Next: Landmark - the sandbox experience from Sony Online Entertainment. Despite the fact it was incredibly rough around the edges in terms of user friendliness, we came away impressed by the scope of what could be achieved with heavily-modified Forgelight game engine. The community were building highly impressive constructions even back then, and it gave us a great idea of what we could expect from Everquest Next proper in the future.

Since then, the game has reached the beta stage having been continually patched, with new features and materials added to expand both the scope of creation possibilities and the scope of the progression. So, in today's episode of Dealspwn Playthrough, Carl provides commentary for this return to the renamed Landmark, with SOE dropping the Everquest Next label as players have been creating things that go beyond the franchise.

In this video, Carl demonstrates how to get a claim of your own, and shows just how powerful the voxel-based creation toolkit can be. We also get to see the template system, and how easy it is to use.

We will be back with more from Landmark in the near future. Access to the beta is available via an Early Access purchase, but it will be Free To Play when it eventually launches.

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