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Latest WildStar Wednesday Talk Economy

Carl Phillips
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Latest WildStar Wednesday Talk Economy

After last week’s post detailed how the social systems will work in WildStar, Carbine Studios have used their weekly update to talk about the economic side of things. Team leader Jeremy Wood took to their blog to discuss how the team’s philosophies for the economic systems will make their upcoming MMORPG into something special.

“Our purpose is to provide players with meaningful rewards for their various acts of valor in WildStar, to give them interesting customization choices, and to maintain a healthy and robust economy for players to trade their wares. I would like to take a little time to share with you our goals and philosophies, and give you a glimpse into our plans for making WildStar stand out from the crowd.”

While the details are a little thin right now, the blog post mentions how the item system “supports complex and powerful modifications,” allowing for gear to be tweaked to the players tastes. Wood goes on to mention the level of customisation gear will have from a cosmetic point of view, with gear able to use “three different colors per item” to create different combinations, and hinted at how some colours will be harder to attain than others. You can check out the blog post in its entirety here.

It seems like with every passing week Carbine are throwing out tidbits of information, but even these tiny morsels of updates are starting to add up to what could be a very enjoyable MMO. We will keep you posted of any further updates moving forward, and if you haven’t already you can find out more about WildStar by checking out our coverage of last year’s reveal, including our interview with a few of the developers.

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