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Leap Motion: Kyoto Playthrough | GRAB THE SEED!!

Matt Gardner
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Leap Motion: Kyoto Playthrough | GRAB THE SEED!!

Kyoto is probably supposed to be a lovely, soothing experience, with its understated colour palette, and whimsical charm, twinkly music and zen gardening. Another little out of the box tech demo for the Leap Motion, Kyoto basically boils down to you grabbing stars out of the sky and using them to help create an organic, aesthetically-pleasing tableau, involving a tree, the moon, and prodding the Northern Lights.

In short, I spent much of my time attempting to steal shooting stars to throw at the Moon.

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The Leap Motion controller will cost you around £70.

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Zeipher  Oct. 25, 2013 at 08:09

Keep it going! It's a lot smaller than I imagined. I wanted to get one a while back, but figured it would just be a gimmick. Like my £100 Kinect, grumble grumble!

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