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Exclusive WildStar Hands-On: What Do You Want To Know?

Carl Phillips
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Exclusive WildStar Hands-On: What Do You Want To Know?

So, tomorrow I'll be heading to a special event for WildStar to learn about the final two classes, the Medic & the Engineer (which were revealed today). We'll be getting some hands-on time with the latest build of the game, but we'll also be chatting to Matt Mocarski, who is the Creative Director for the upcoming MMO.

So, just like with our interviews with Chad Moore and Stephan Frost, we've giving you the chance to submit some questions. Do you want to know something about WildStar that the Class Drop coverage hasn't addressed? Perhaps you want to ask about the design for the classes? Maybe you want to know how they'll all fit into the PvP side of things? Or you could use the opportunity to stir the pot for the upcoming Frost Vs Pappy developer deathmatch - it's up to you!

Go on, don't be shy - what do YOU want to know about WildStar? Post your questions below and I'll do my best to get them asked tomorrow. You can alternatively drop me a line on Twitter (@CarlPhillipsUK) over the course of Wednesday if you think of any last-minute questions.

Additionally, stay tuned to the site as later today we'll be posting part four of our WildStar Class Drop Wrap-ups, which may or may not once again demonstrate my amazing (and in no way rushed) image editing skills.

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Anfractuous  Dec. 3, 2013 at 14:44

Hey Carl, a few questions I've about the game from watching the videos and comments on the site.

Did that engineer have bots? If so, do you think he's like a Huntard from WoW?

What's the engineer specialisation going to be, DPS + tank or DPS + healer, to me tank makes more sense, as we've got 3 healers, so a 3rd tank would make sense.

Collision detection, warhammer was an AMAZING pvp mmo, it had a terribad release and their were loads of issues with launch, and the company and the publisher etc etc etc, but the fact that you could surround a guy in pvp, and him not be able to run away was amazing. You could have 2 tanks stand on a bridge, and hold it against 10 enemy as long as they've got a healer behind them keeping them up. From what I've seen castle / siege warfare whatever you call it looks promising, if not as good as Warhammer pvp with keeps. Do the devs have any plans to implement any form of collision detection with players?

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