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Left 4 Dead £12.49 @ Steam [PC Games]

Lydia Low
First person shooter, Left 4 Dead, PC games

Left 4 Dead £12.49 @ Steam [PC Games]
The popular apocalyptic zombie shooter is currently available at half price on Steam – down from £24.99 to £12.49. This is a great deal as not only is the game half its previous Steam price but also half the current next best asking price from elsewhere.

Steam are also offering 4 copies of the game (in case you want to be nice and treat your friends) for just £37.49 (also half price) as well as a Valve value bundle which includes 21 games for £52.99.

Taking place in the aftermath of a pandemic that has ravaged the population and left hordes of “Infected” in its wake, the game stars a group of four survivors as they struggle to retain that title in the midst of all the mayhem and horror. You can play as Francis the tattoo-heavy biker, Louis the young IT guy, Zoey the student and horror film nerd or Bill the grizzled 'Nam veteran. Each one is very well realised, both in terms of their character model and their behaviour. The zombie enemies are more of the speedy 28 Days Later ilk than the shambling slowpokes of old and they come in a nice assortment of varieties.

There are four campaigns each comprised of five levels, taking you through a number of different environments but all showing the effects of the recent disaster. With only these four different sections the game can seem brief and the atmosphere can begin to feel a bit samey but the gameplay offers plenty to hold your interest and you will find that you want to keep coming back thanks to the way that each play through feels unique.

Thanks to youthinkitsfunny at Hotukdeals!

Left 4 Dead £12.49 @ Steam [PC Games]

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