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Left for Dead: Game of the year edition £17.73 @ TheHut.com [Xbox360 Games]

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Left for Dead: Game of the year edition £17.73 @ TheHut.com [Xbox360 Games]

Zombies are great. You can punch them, kick them, shoot them and they’ll still come for you. That’s when you decide to get out the explosives and do a proper job. Left 4 Dead offers all of these and more – with heavy cooperative game play and plenty of gun slinging action you can’t pass up.

TheHut are currently offering the cheapest price for Left 4 Dead at £17.73. The next best price stands at £19.94 from Amazon, which means you save a few pounds.

Imagine if you will, being stuck on a roof. You’re with three other survivors you know little about, and all around you, as far as the eye can see, there are zombies. A military plane flies overhead towards the city’s airport and you know that it’s your only chance of survival. Now the only problem is you have to somehow get there and fight your way through a zombie infested city.

You get to play as any one of the four survivors in Left 4 Dead. They only differ in appearance so you won’t be missing out on skills or abilities. The general idea is to find the safest and quickest route through the city and into a safe house without dying. You have to wind your way through buildings, apartments and houses where zombies hide in every corner. You have to help comrades in need, whether they’re injured, pinned down by a zombie or hanging off the edge of a building. There are four main scenarios that play out like mini movies and at the end, credits roll giving the stats of each player.

Unlike most zombie games where you’re trying to find a cure or wipe out all the zombies, in Left 4 Dead you’re literally just trying to survive. This makes for a better more intense game-playing experience. There are times when all you hear is the crackle of gunfire and the screams of your comrades as they call for help. The zombies run (like in 28 days later) and attack in hordes, so you’re always guaranteed a huge gun fight. A feature I love in Left 4 Dead is setting off car alarms, which basically alerts the zombies to your location. They then attack from all directions and in such huge numbers, all you can do is hold down the trigger and hope for the best.

Multiplayer is a big thing in Left 4 Dead. I strongly advise you to play it with friends or strangers online for the best experience, because it will seriously make things easier and a lot more fun. You can play with them on the main scenarios or in death match styled games, where half the players are the zombies and the other are the humans.Left for Dead: Game of the year edition £17.73 @ TheHut.com [Xbox360 Games]

Left 4 Dead: Game of the year edition offers more maps and more modes unseen in the original version. It is a superb game (one of my favourites) with many hours of game play and re-playability. There’s plenty to do online and what with the imminent release of the sequel, surely you’ll want to get some practice in.

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