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From Left for Dead to Star Trek Online - News Roundup 15th December

Marius Goubert
Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures, Star Trek Online, Valve

In today’s news roundup Valve unveil brand new downloadable content for Left for Dead 2. Funcom announce they are literally giving away Age of Conan in a bid to secure more players for their ailing MMORPG. And lastly, Spock returns to narrate Star Trek online, but how on Earth can this not mean Leonard Nimoy?

Valve announces The Passing for L4D2

From Left for Dead to Star Trek Online - News Roundup 15th December

Although Valve still haven’t come up with the extra content they promised purchasers of the first Left for Dead title – apart from a very hastily thrown together mini campaign – they’re wasting no time in knocking out the patches and DLC for the sequel. Left for Dead 2 customers were treated to a major update only last week, and now Valve have announced the release of a downloadable add-on called ‘The Passing’ which will be released sometime in Spring 2010.

‘The Passing’ is set in rural Georgia just after Left for Dead 2’s Dead Centre campaign, and brings the sequel’s four survivors together with the foursome from the first Left for Dead edition. Valve stated that ‘The Passing’ will be "a huge offering of new gameplay content, with something new for every game mode . The add-on will feature a new co-operative campaign, a new weapon and ‘a new common uncommon infected’ - although Valve have yet to announce what price tag they are slapping on all this extra content. [Eurogamer]

Play Age of Conan free forever

From Left for Dead to Star Trek Online - News Roundup 15th December

In a move which has just the slightest hint of desperation, Funcom have announced they are offering a new 20-level free trial which lasts forever to all players signing up to the epic MMORPG ‘Age of Conan’. Anyone who signs up between now and the 1st of January will gain unrestricted access to the first section of the game: the Island of Tortage.

Players will have access to a variety of characters and will be able to explore PvP and PvE content, but if they want to move beyond the Island of Tortage and level 20, they must pay for a full subscription. So if you’re teetotal, have blown all your cash on presents, and need a good free game to lose yourself in this holiday, why not get stuck into Funcome’s ‘brutal and sexy world’? [IGN]

Spock to voice Star Trek Online tutorials

From Left for Dead to Star Trek Online - News Roundup 15th December

All you trekkies and TV addicts who can’t wait to get your hands on Star Trek Online (released 5th February), good news, the guy who played Spock is going to on hand to guide you through with lots of helpful advice. But unfortunately, when they say Spock they aren’t referring to Leonard Nimoy, but the guy who played a younger version of Spock in the new Star Trek movie. How he’ll do as the game’s narrator is unclear, but given that Star Trek online is attempting to provide an authentic Start Trek feel, there’s no question Leonard Nimoy would have been a vastly superior choice. [GamerBlips]

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