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Left4Dead2 £14.99 @ Gameplay [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
Games deals, Left 4 Dead

Left4Dead2 £14.99 @ Gameplay [PC Games]Not many games give you the sense you're fighting for survival like the Left for Dead series. And if you haven’t yet experienced the psychotic butcherly of this superb sequel where you get to run round with a group of friends punching, blasting and dismembering hordes of undead-zombie-cannibals with everything from electric guitars to grenade launchers, you can now do so for just £14.99 from Gameplay.

This is a superb deal given that LFD2 hasn't previously dipped below £20 - although, since Gameplay’s massive price drop last night, Gamestation have now followed suit with a price match, while Game are now charging £15.99. After that, the price shoots up to £20.95 from MyMemory.

Regarding the sequel, fans of Left for Dead won’t notice a huge departure from the core gameplay mechanics of the original. But that’s not to say that Valve haven’t really gone out their way to enrich the whole experience with better level design, a greater variety of common and special infected, loads more weapons and a diverse range of game modes. In short, Left for Dead 2 improves on its predecessor in every way.

Just like the original however, success does depend on team work. And for me, the quality of the game really depended on the kind of online players you found yourself lumbered with (unless you get together with friends of course). Some are selfish with their items, will never share pills or health packs, and after running into the horde like Rambo, lay there begging to be resuscitated. Then again, on the other hand, some players meticulously work out their tactics to such an extent that if you fail to come up scratch or get a bit too trigger happy with the auto shotgun and happen to hit a few team mates – I did say sorry – you have to endure the humiliation of being vote kicked.

Overall however, despite the odd bit of lag, where enemies stand momentarily running on the spot, Left for Dead 2 excels in every area, and is a title which all gamers – apart from very young children of course! – should add to their collection.

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darkspark88  Feb. 25, 2010 at 17:02

it was £16.97 just after christmas 2009.


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