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Might Legacy Of Kain Rise Again?

Felix Kemp
Games news, Legacy of Kain, Square Enix

Might Legacy Of Kain Rise Again?

We've already had a handful of Microsoft's roster outed by the Australian Classification Board, and now a seemingly innocuous survey distributed by Square Enix points to a remake of the Legacy of Kain series being in the works. It's unclear who's in charge of development duties - I doubt its original creators, Silicon Knights, considering their plummeting fall from grace - and no platforms or details have yet been leaked, but we do have a few proposed subtitles to fuel the fires of speculation.

The survey was outed by GameRevolution user, daverabbit, who reveals he's "part of a website where you get paid to take online surveys and today I took one that asked me what I thought about different possible names for a Legacy of Kain game. Has there been any news about a new game in this series that I have missed or did I stumble across something here?".

The proposed titles were, Obsidian Sun; Obsidian Blood; Dead Sun; and Revenant. Square's survey apparently asked whether readers thought the subtitles were strong enough by themselves, or would benefit from having the Legacy of Kain or Soul Reaver titles attached. Surveys such as these often out unannounced titles as the publishers kick the hype-machine into gear, and what with E3 around the corner, I wouldn't be surprised if Kain's ravaged face makes an appearance. [GameRevolution]

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Shang  May. 23, 2011 at 12:12

I was part of the same survey. Also it looks like they're making a sequel to the Gangster games too, but based on the Triads in Hong Kong

Goity  May. 23, 2011 at 12:53

Those titles are all horrible.

soulrelic616  May. 26, 2011 at 14:06

Casual gamer

Personally, I would LOVE to see a new LOK!


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