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Legend of the Dragon £4.99 @ Game [Wii Games]

Lydia Low
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Legend of the Dragon £4.99 @ Game [Wii Games]

Sadly the only thing legendary about this Wii stinker is just how bad it is. So it's no surprise to see it going for a bargain bin price at Game. That said, if you're a fan of the cartoon and enjoying seeing IP that you care about reduced to an undignified dirge then you may be pleased to know that this deal knocks off half of the next best price from Simply Games and is a fifth of the price asked by Gamestation (who offer the next best deal of any retailer with the title currently in stock).

Ang and Ling Leung are fifteen year old twins at war following Ang's succession to the role of "golden dragon" in their dojo despite his sister being the superior fighter. Ling's rage and humiliation leads her to follow the path of the evil Shadow Dragon and what began as simple sibling rivalry becomes a struggle between light and dark. With dreadful fighting.

There's so much wrong with this sad game that it is hard to know where to begin. Not only is the combat clumsy and simplistic with just one kick and one punch that can be used to create very basic combos and very little variation to speak of between characters but Legend of the Dragon is also ugly as sin. The graphics appear archaic and what may have been an attempt to hide this through cel shading falls flat. Multiplayer options add to the game's longevity but good luck in finding someone who actually wants to play this dross with you!

Thanks to databar at Hotukdeals!

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Matt  Feb. 9, 2010 at 00:51

It looks like that guy doesn't like the look of willys to me.


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