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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks £17.93 @ The Hut [Nintendo DS Games]

Lydia Low
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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks £17.93 @ The Hut [Nintendo DS Games]

With Spirit Tracks, Nintendo have produced yet another great Zelda adventure, in which Link gets bored of messing about on boats and takes to the land with his exotic new steam powered transport.

It's one of The Hut's Daily Deals so you can pick it up for just £17.93 if you buy today, this is over £6 cheaper than the next best deal for the game (£24.65 from Zavvi) so a bargain well worth grabbing while you can.

Link's latest adventure continues the same narrative of Gamecube title Wind Waker and its DS sequel The Phantom Hourglass. 100 years after the events of Hourglass, a young Link is working towards a quiet career as a train engineer but on the night of the ceremony to officially recognise him as such, Zelda implores him to take her to the Tower of Spirits. It soon falls to Link and the Princess to uncover the mystery of the Spirit Tracks that is troubling Hyrules railways.

If you have played The Phantom Hourglass, then you'll fall straight into the swing of this little adventure with ease. The game has the same cheerful and cartoony cel shaded graphics as the previous DS instalment and feels almost identical to play, with total stylus control and a train taking the place of the little boat to zip around the world map with.

There's the usual adventuring and dungeon exploring Zelda fans have become very well acquainted with and even phantoms as seen in Hourglass. However this time around the hulking sets of armour are under your control, an interesting new mechanic that invigorates the formula at least a little and is plenty of fun to do.

Zelda games can be relied on for quality so it comes as no surprise that there is really very little to complain about here. As usual, the story is nicely paced, very enjoyable and packed with side quests to keep you busy along the way. The game looks excellent and has a nice distinctive visual style, complemented with a charming soundtrack which is bound to make you smile. It is perhaps a little too easy but epic and imaginative boss battles will keep you on your toes. Even just travelling around Hyrule on the set tracks is a source of joy, often requiring careful planning as well as plenty of toot-tooting on your little horn.

The multiplayer mode is not huge and comprehensive but the competitive battle game is a very enjoyable little bonus that adds some longevity to Spirit Tracks once the main story is dispensed with.
Spirit Tracks is perhaps a little too similar to its immediate predecessor but it also refines and improves upon it and, considering what a great game The Phantom Hourglass was, this is hardly a huge criticism. Even if it is a "proper" Wii Zelda title that you are hungry for, this is a lovely little distraction to while away some of those hours between now and June when E3 should hopefully give us some much anticipated news on the upcoming game! It's certainly a great way to liven up a dull train journey.

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