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Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Pre-Order £21.95 @ Shop To [DS Game]

Lydia Low
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Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Pre-Order £21.95 @ Shop To [DS Game]

Fans of the little green-clad one are probably wishing the year away so that they can get stuck into his latest locomotive adventure. If the idea of jet-setting around Hyrule on a nice, old fashioned choo-choo train and solving the mysteries of a few dungeons along the way appeals, then you might want to consider pre-ordering it, especially while Shop To are offering it for the bargainous price of £21.95.

Spirit Tracks continues the same story started by Wind Waker and its sequel The Phantom Hourglass and is set to look and feel very similar to its more recent predecessor, with cel-shaded graphics and stylus control. However instead of the ship travel of the previous two games, Link will now be traversing the world in a steam train with handy cannon feature.

The trailer suggests this will be a game bursting with all the usual Zelda charm, with a few new features but, on the whole, barely deviating from the usual mould of Link's adventures. The features showcased by the trailer include; a giant bug boss - towering over Link and taking up both screens, scenes of Link interacting with Zelda (in her Princess incarnation rather than as the pirate Tetra) and the phantoms featured in the previous title, as well as plenty of rail riding action.

It probably comes as no surprise that transport looks set to play a major role in Spirit Tracks and getting the hang of the train will be important to your success. The train is controlled using a lever to manage the speed and toggles which will pop up, allowing you to change track. Enemies and obstacles will often hamper your progress and require a good dose of cannon fire – just like when you are sailing in Phantom Hourglass.

An interesting new feature is the ability to actually take control of one of those pesky phantom menaces, drawing paths for them to follow, just as you used the boomerang in Phantom Hourglass. This handy bodyguard will accompany you through dungeons, protecting you from danger, walking through fire and lava and acting as a platform for Link to cross.

This new chapter in Link's continuing adventures look set to be just as pleasing to the eye and enjoyable as one would expect from this series but for those of us hoping for a new Zelda title for the Wii, it will probably serve more as a pleasant diversion than the satisfaction of a full length, epic adventure we crave.

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Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Pre-Order £21.95 @ Shop To [DS Game]

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Mike Hock (Of Bitter Wallet fame)  Sep. 1, 2009 at 07:47

Please god no! I only just managed to ween myself off the last one, please don't make me play this!


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