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Is this the legendary Nintendo PlayStation prototype?

Jonathan Lester
Nintendo, Sony

Is this the legendary Nintendo PlayStation prototype?

You might not know this, but Nintendo actually hired Sony to create a new console and CD-based storage solution for them many years ago... before Ninty stabbed them in the back and partnered with Phillips at the eleventh hour. Sony then took their ideas and turned it into the original PlayStation, but there must have been some prototypes knocking around back when the two companies were working together.

Apparently one of these prototypes has now been found.

Is this the legendary Nintendo PlayStation prototype?

The images, which broke on Reddit (currently private to protest the firing of a popular Reddit employee) and summarily started doing the rounds, show a rough and ready console that's capable of accepting both SNES cartridge and CD-based games.

It certainly looks like a dev kit in all its angular glory, and has yellowed realistically on its lower half, though some doubt remains on whether this might be a hoax. The top half is pristine (3D printed, perhaps?), but it appears genuine enough to be worth running.

Is this the legendary Nintendo PlayStation prototype?

Even if it's not legitimate, it's still a fun reminder of how the two companies nearly formed an unstoppable alliance... and how Nintendo inadvertently created one of their biggest rivals!

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Lonefalcon  Jul. 3, 2015 at 17:29

was it not branded "Play Station" with the space when it was worked on by Nintendo and Sony but later was called "playstation" after they dropped the cartridge slot

Nintendo tryed to stop it by a federal judge as Nintendo owned the name "Play Station"

monkey13  Jul. 3, 2015 at 21:53

I'm going for fake. The SNES was a 10v console. So why is this 7.6v which I believe was the ps1 voltage? It would be much easier to step down for the CD part if that is what is required than to either redesign the SNES bit for a different voltage or to step up.

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