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Leisure Suit Larry HD Remakes Are Happening

Jonathan Lester
Leisure Suit Larry, Replay Games

Leisure Suit Larry HD Remakes Are Happening

Return To The Land Of The Lounge Lizards

Replay Games has 'proudly' announced that they've secured the rights to the Leisure Suit Larry series, which (in case you don't know) is a franchise of tasteless and crude adventure games that chronicle the hopelessly lecherous quests of a thoroughly hilarious lounge lizard. And that steadily declined in quality. However, Replay plan to bring Larry into the 21st century by releasing "re-imagined and redesigned" HD versions of the entire catalogue - and will follow them up with entirely new sequels if the initiative is a success. Al Lowe, the original series creator, will be involved in the development process. We've got more details after the break.

We can't wait to see what Larry makes of these enlightened times.

Larry’s original classic adventure, Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards is the first title Al and the Replay team will revisit, resuscitate and rejuvenate. An "all-new high-def game" is also in the pipeline with a projected release date of Q4 2012. They've secured the worldwide rights to the entire franchise on all platforms, so we can expect versions to appear on PC, MAC, XBLA, PSN, iOS, Android, Steam, On-Live, Gaikai and all major affiliate portals.

I'm totally jazzed to work with long-term friend and Sierra buddy, Paul Trowe. He's worked tirelessly for years to get the Larry rights and return them to the hands of the Sierra ‘family.’ Working with Paul's team ensures that the world’s favorite leisure suit-wearer remains the same guy we all learned to love a quarter-century ago. I'll oversee the entire production of these games to ensure the highest standards and some amazing new adventures for my pal, Larry. It's great to see my creation released from his digital dungeon! - Al Lowe

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