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Let's Play... Void Of Darkness | A One-Man Space Epic In The Making?

Jonathan Lester
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Let's Play... Void Of Darkness | A One-Man Space Epic In The Making?

Void Of Darkness is one developer's attempt to go beyond Starflight, the classic 1986 space adventure that puts you at the helm of a tiny ship in an enormous universe.

Tropical Games' Justin Sampson has laboured long and hard to create an entire galaxy to explore, throwing you in headfirst as an ambassador of the human race. You'll trade, battle, mine, parley and chart strange new worlds in a bid for galactic dominance, and to cement humanity's place amongst the stars, with no preset objective save your own moral compass. The gameplay pillars are in place, such as in-depth bartering, accessible yet nuanced twin-stick combat, numerous races, diplomacy, warp travel, scanning and all the mod cons you'd expect from a truly freeform space odyssey.

However, Void Of Darkness is also still in need of some serious polish and more than a little bug fixing. To his credit, Sampson has continually issued new updates in line with player feedback - the latest of which, v.1.1, is set to go live imminently.

We'll have a full review and in-depth video impressions of the brand new build very soon, but for now, here's a taster of the trials and tribulations of exploring the wild black yonder.

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X10  Feb. 17, 2014 at 21:12

Hey Jon, as my humble servant, can you prepare my dinner for me tonight? It's only left over vegetarian haggis, so no real effort involved?!

Besides that request, I'm really glad you brought this game to my attention! Looks like something I'd be interested in playing when it's finally complete, I assume the v1.1 is still a beta, rather than a 1.1 patch of the final game.

I'll add it to my list of games (right after Gigantic Army) to buy when I have some spare funds.

Thanks again Jon.

P.S. No seasoning required for the dinner, just a fork and knife, thanks!

JonLester  Feb. 18, 2014 at 15:02

@X10: I live to serve, but seriously, I wouldn't wish my cooking on anyone...

I love giving left-field indie titles more exposure - it's easily my favourite part of this gig. VoD definitely deserves more attention than it's currently getting. However, it's worth noting that it did release in a very limited fashion before the massive updating process began, which will be explained (and criticised) in the review.

Thankfully the new build is shaping up very nicely, and contains loads of new features alongside fixes for that communication bug and disappearing jump drive.

For now, I'd keep VoD on your radar pending our full review - Gigantic Army awaits!

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