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Levine - No Move, Maybe 3D For Bioshock Infinite

Felix Kemp
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Bioshock Infinite

Levine - No Move, Maybe 3D For Bioshock Infinite

Speaking to Play, Ken Levine explained that Bioshock Infinite wouldn't feature Playstation Move support because he believes he'd be "cheating" customers. However, while we won't be waggling Sony's remote to batter goons with wrenches, we might be wearing bulky glasses as we do just that in-game. Referring to 3D, Levine admitted "it’s something I’d be more open to".

On the subject of Move support, Levine insisted he wouldn't simply throw Move support into the game to satisfy Sony or the marketing department who can now add an extra bullet-point to the back of the box. "At the end of the day, gamers know," explained Levine, "if you don’t have anything special to say about that control device gamers are going to know".

While I'm glad to hear Levine isn't looking to dilute the Bioshock experienced with slapped-on Move functionality, I do feel Sony has been a lot more thorough and quality-centric in their approach to this. Whereas Microsoft has simply built gimmicky games with Kinect support, Sony and its first-party studios have made an effort to include Move in their big-budget franchises. I hear Killzone 3's Move support is excellent.

Levine moved on from talk of Move to the subject of 3D support in Bioshock Infinite. "Games are 3D," he stated, "but I think if you’re going to get out, front and center on something, you have to be able to say you’re doing something special with it". It sounds like Levine and his team is mulling the option of 3D-ising Bioshock Infinite in the same way Sony has with a few of its titles.

As long as it doesn't impact the game itself, I couldn't care less. We'll be seeing more of Bioshock Infinite at E3. [Play]

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