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LG: The Age Of Dedicated Gaming Handhelds Is "Over"

Jonathan Lester
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LG: The Age Of Dedicated Gaming Handhelds Is "Over"

This is a huge year for portable consoles and handhelds - what with the 3DS already on store shelves and the PS Vita set for a Christmas US release. However, smartphones are constantly catching up in terms of hardware and developer talent, and LG has thrown down the gauntlet to state that the "The era of dedicated handheld gaming platform is over." Strong words, and we have the full story below.

The above statement was part of a press release from Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG, which has since been retracted and replaced with a slightly less controversial zinger. However, since we hate it when people go back on their words, here's the full statement for your shocked and outraged perusal.

The era of dedicated handheld gaming platform is over.

Today's smartphones have the horsepower to compete with the best portable gaming devices and LG Optimus 3D is our proof. We think 3D is the natural next step in portable entertainment and LG is eager to throw its hat in the ring with the Optimus 3D and Gameloft's 'must-be-seen-to-be-believed' titles.

While we're still not particularly sold on the Optimus 3D handset (keep tabs on Mobot.net for the latest on that), we actually do reckon that mobile gaming could remove the need for the handheld market unless Ninty and Sony play their cards right. We've got a full article to that effect going up later today, so stay tuned... [via CVG]

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