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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII £29.85 on PS3 and 360

Brendan Griffiths

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII £29.85 on PS3 and 360

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII | Simply Games PS3360
£29.85 | Price Comparison PS3360Preview

A demo for Lightning Returns landed on PSN and XBL this week giving you a chance to try out the revamped combat for the concluding part of the XIII trilogy. If, like me, you think it's a massive improvement over the last two games, you may want to get your pre-order ready ahead of the February 14th release date. Check out my hands-on preview for an in-depth report too.

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Harryisme  Jan. 27, 2014 at 02:25

I was dissapointed with the Demo, while the second games demo was a great example of showing the games improvements and how the new support monsters worked, the demo for the third didn't give a good idea of how the costume change really works, (would have been better if we actually unlocked a costume and we got to experience th difference a new costume could make. Worst still it put you in a corridor environment, giving you flashbacks of the lack of freedom you got in the first two thirds of the original xiii. it felt like the freedom we had in the second was gone, this was made worst by the flipping timer in the top corner.

The second games demo convinced me to not only pre-order but also pick up the guide for the game, the demo for three reinforced by decision to wait till the price drop before buying, and considering it's already dropped in price before launch I'm happy with my decision.


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