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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII £23.95 on 360

Brendan Griffiths
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, RPG Games, Xbox 360 games

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII £23.95 on 360

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII | Game Collection
£23.95 | Price ComparisonPreview

Why?! Why is everyone releasing RPGs at the same time? Lightning ReturnsSouth Park, FFX HD, FFX-2 HD and Tales of Symphonia all in the same month. Unfortunately, Lightning Returns is pretty low down on that list, but at least it brings the lacklustre XIII trilogy to a close. Lightning takes a lead role and replaces the party system with interchangeable outfits that come equipped with unique abilities assigned to the controller's face buttons, giving combat a real-time edge. The combat is improved but the stagger bar is still there to drag out every single boss fight. Oh, and there's a time limit to finishing the game. A time limit in an RPG, *shakes head*.

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