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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Revealed

Brendan Griffiths
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3 games, Square Enix, Xbox 360 games

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Revealed

Disappointed about Lightning’s backseat role in FFXIII-2? Us too, but fear not, as Square-Enix has just announced a new title for the PS3 and 360, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Set to be the final entry in the FFXIII series, the game will take place over four large open-world islands on the world of Novus Partus. The Paradigm battle system remains but we will be able to move Lightning around the battlefield and swap weapons. That sounds like quite a big departure from the norm, but the combat in the last two games certainly needed a little more player input.

Equipable items are set to play a bigger role than before. Clothes, armour and weapons will all be interchangeable. No news yet as to whether Lightning will have a party with her or if she’s working alone. Glimpsed images show a more European-looking setting, complete with day/night cycles and plenty of new monster types. Don’t worry; we’re sure flans and chocobos will still be around.

A video was shown behind closed doors at today’s Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary presentation, but the game’s website promises more details on September 4th, so fingers crossed we’ll get a peak then too. Fans eager to hear more about Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be disappointed to hear that the game doesn’t get a mention. But Square-Enix did say that Lightning Returns is the final game in the FFXIII trilogy. Just admit it’s been canned already.

Source: [VG24/7]


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Breadster  Sep. 1, 2012 at 12:11

Another one? Really? How does the worst one in the series get the most sequels? A total waste of a 25th anniversary announcement.

Natsuki  Sep. 4, 2012 at 05:54

First of all this really isn't the end of Final Fantasy XIII, its the end of the Lightning character story arc which began in the first game. Second there are too many questions that were left unanswered from the second game. Finally there is no way they would just eliminate all the characters from the previous games just to focus on Lightning alone. The game is a side story focusing on Lightning with the events from this that will lead to the true sequel to FFXIII-2 which is XIII-3.

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