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Lionhead Countdown Takes Aim At End Of GDC

Jonathan Lester
Countdown, Fable, Lionhead

Lionhead Countdown Takes Aim At End Of GDC

A mysterious countdown timer has appeared at Lionhead.com, which is inexorably ticking down to the last day of GDC 2012.

And that's all we know... but not all we can surmise. It's possible that the countdown is simply ann0uncing a website redesign (unlikely), but the Facebook link takes readers directly to the official Fable page. Could a new Fable announcement be in the offing - either more details about The Journey or a reveal for an entirely new title?

We hope not, to be honest. I know it sounds a little harsh, but the insipid world Albion is holding Lionhead back from creating a truly superior RPG. Molyneux and co are capable of so much more in our book, but we'd love to get your take on it. As well as what you reckon that red button is all about...

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