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Lionhead Looking For MMO Programmers

Felix Kemp
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Lionhead Looking For MMO Programmers

"Key Contributors On Unannounced Title"

Lionhead's ostensible next game is the Kinect spinoff, Fable: The Journey. However, a separate team on separate tech is working on The Journey, so what's Lionhead's true Fable team up to, eh? Well, it might be an MMO, if job postings on Lionhead's site are to be believed. They're looking for a programmer with "significant experience with the workings of a massive online multiplayer environment" to join the team on an "unannounced title".

"The role will focus on defining the high level network architecture for the project, security concerns, support for seamless post-launch updates, and implementation of server features," reads the job posting on Lionhead's site. It's essential the applicant enjoys MMOs and has knowledge of working on such titles, too, apparently.

Another important role in the prospective job is to "work with the design and programming teams to ensure the feasibility of multiplayer features", suggesting whatever Lionhead have planned does indeed feature some form of multiplayer support. They also highlight experience with Unreal Engine 3 - which Lionhead is also using for The Journey - as a defining trait, suggesting the rest of Lionhead has integrated the tech wholesale.

We've been told to expect the next big Fable adventure in 2013, and while The Journey is penned in for 2012, mightn't Fable 4 be an MMO instead of yet another offline RPG? [Lionhead]

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