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Lionhead Is Working On A Kinect Game; Is It Fable 4?

Felix Kemp
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Lionhead Is Working On A Kinect Game; Is It Fable 4?

We've already covered some Lionhead news today, where they revealed the Xbox 360 imposed certain limits on their most recent effort, Fable 3. Notably, Lionhead once boasted of Kinect usage in Fable 3, although that feature was eventually cut due to time restraints. And the studio was once hard at work on Milo, a seemingly groundbreaking Kinect-only title before it was cancelled. However, it seems Lionhead hasn't given up completely on Microsoft's controller-free device, with Daniel Grey, a producer at the studio, revealing work on an unannounced Kinect title on his LinkedIn profile.

Grey, who climbed the ranks at Lionhead from tester to producer, reveals on his LinkedIn profile that he is working on a "as of yet unannounced title utilizing Project Natal". Odd that he would call Kinect under its prototype name, but when you cast your eyes up a little to the duration of the project, it's revealed that Grey and his team has been working on the title for almost two and a half years!

I think we have two options here. Either Grey and a small group of talented Lionhead staff are hard at work on Kinect features for the next Fable game - which, despite the third's torrid reception, is more than likely on the way - or work on Milo has resumed. The outcry to the latter's termination was deafening, although Microsoft has adamantly refused the title was ever more than a tech demo.

I very much doubt Lionhead is working on something brand new. Being an "unannounced title" leads me to believe its not a new IP, otherwise Grey would state as such. Fable 3's Kinect features - which included food-fights - might yet see the light of day in the series' fourth entry. [Now Gamer]

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