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Lips: Number One Hits (with 2 Wireless Microphones): £24.99 @ Game [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Lips: Number One Hits (with 2 Wireless Microphones): £24.99 @ Game [Xbox 360 Games]

It's been quite a good week if you're a PS3-owning karaoke fan what with cheap Disney-plus-mic deals cropping up everywhere over the last couple of days, but finally the minions of Microsoft have something to sing about too. Lips is the Xbox's answer to SingStar, and this particular version features a number of chart-topping classics from MC Hammer to One Republic and also happens to be bundled in with two rather snazzy wireless microphones.

If you're happy to wait a day or two longer than some of the other speedy online merchants then netting a slice of this diva simulator from Game could potentially save you a lot of money as the purple retailer is offering the package for just £24.99, which is about ten quid cheaper than the nearest competitor (Zavvi - £34.95).

Taking its cue from prett.y much every other karaoke game that came before it, Lips sees you bust through a variety of tracks alone (which is a little depressing and very Bridget Jones) or with friends (which is a lot more fun), matching your pitch to the bars on the screen and racking up sweet points and stars that take you from tone-deaf nobody to vibrato-toting Aretha wannabe

Lips is virtually identical to SingStar in a great many ways, but there are a few differences. The first one being that Lips is not really very good in comparison. As a party piece it does fine, you can't really fail a song, you can hook up an MP3 player or sync the game with the music on your hard drive if you like, although this import process is fiddly and doesn't support lyrics downloads.

The gameplay is solid enough, and the wireless mics are pretty darn impressive, glowing to match the colour of your avatar, for whom you can unlock clothes and accessories by channelling the spirit of James Brown. The mics are also motion sensitive, and the game invites you to match the band-fronting antics of your avatar by engaging in air guitar, striking a power stance and waving your arms around like a loon, all of which makes for lots of laughs when playing with friends.

But there are some issues. The game is really very easy as there's only one difficulty level with adjustable scoring, the setlist (which you can find here) is frankly disappointing and somewhat light on some classics considering the game's title, and there's no camera support. Considering that the latter has been standard on even the PS2 version of SingStar for some time now, it's a little disappointing. Xbox Live Marketplace boasts a pretty decent array of downloadable songs, but you can buy most of the songs on this disc individually online anyway, and I'm willing to bet that there's a good chunk of material on here that will leave people simply going 'Meh' and wandering off, shoulders beset by shrugs. Still, the wireless mics are pretty funky and if the setlist does appeal then the chances are you won't find a better price for this package for some time.Lips: Number One Hits (with 2 Wireless Microphones): £24.99 @ Game [Xbox 360 Games]

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Stez  Dec. 4, 2009 at 11:01

Don't for get the £2 voucher making it £22.99. absolute steal!


Ola  Jan. 17, 2011 at 14:46

How long is your delivery date because if i can get it by friday i'll pay tonight and hopefully it gets delivered tues 18th jan (tommorow)


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