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New Loading Human trailer showcases VR and motion control gameplay

Matt Gardner
Loading Human, Motion Control, Oculus Rift, Razer Hydra, Sixense STEM, Untold Games, VR

New Loading Human trailer showcases VR and motion control gameplay

I called Loading Human the "future of the adventure game" back in my hands-on preview earlier this year, thanks to its implementation of both virtual reality tech in the form of the Oculus Rift, combined with motion control provided by the Razer Hydra or, when the game eventually emerges, the far more accurate Sixense STEM.

Untold Games are pointing the way forwards for adventure games with Loading Human; this is a tantalising possible future for the genre and for interactive storytelling in general. But whether or not it takes off sooner rather than later will all come down to execution. We're on the cusp of having the most immersive interactive narrative experiences any of us have ever seen; fingers crossed that the tech holds up.

It's that last line which is key: will the tech hold up? Well, my demo was one of the first conducted by any member of the press or public outside of Untold Games' internal testing, and it was a very, very early build that was clearly unfinished -- more a proof of concept than anything else. It had its fair share of problems -- Hydra tech is several years old at this point -- but the immersive qualities were key. It can be quite difficult to convey that through ambitious prose, though, and so Untold have released a new trailer for the game, showing off some gameplay and illustrating how the 1-to-1 mocon feeds into the experience.

Having tried out the game for myself, I can say that the video does provide a realistic impression of the game's dynamic, but the tech is still the real kicker. The advent of VR as a viable platform means that the spectrum of meaningful interactions with a world or space becomes that much larger, and details are everything. The smallest action can hold significant importance, but immersion will be broken the minute that the motion control glitches.

You can read more about my initial impressions of Loading Human here, and if you want even more be sure to watch my interview with Untold Games here.

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