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Loads More Characters In Batman: Arkham Asylum

Tom Silkstone
Batman: Arkham City, Games news

Loads More Characters In Batman: Arkham Asylum

I've just started playing through Arkham Asylum for the seventh time and I'm getting very excited about the release of Arkham City later in the year. The sequel becomes more appealing with every bit of new information that's released about it, I mean look at the picture above, how good does that look! Now we've discovered that not only will the environments be bigger, so will the character roster!

Rocksteady Studios very own Dax Ginn recently mentioned to NewComAU that the caped crusader's new outing would feature five times as many character, but would only last about as long as its predecessor, which is roughly eight hours, although I know that I've easily plugged more time than that into the first game.

Initially I was worried about this news, flashbacks of Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End jumped into my mind, where the new characters didn't have time to establish themselves, time was taken away from old characters we were familiar with, and the plot lines were so rushed they became a jumbled mess. Since having a bit of a breather though and glancing over Arkham Asylum once more, I'm putting my trust in Rocksteady, after all some of these new characters might only get brief introductions in order to set up another sequel! [PlayStation LifeStyle]

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