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Loco Roco £5.66 @ 365 Games [PSP Game]

Lydia Low
Loco Roco, Platform games, PSP games

Loco Roco £5.66 @ 365 Games [PSP Game]

My favourite game for the PSP is a charming and unique little curio which has now been around long enough to have earned both a sequel and a bargain price tag. You can now snatch up Loco Roco from 365 Games for just £5.66; over £2 off the next best price!

The LocoRoco live in harmony on a gentle and peaceful planet, tending to the flora and fauna with the help of their friends the Mui Mui, until the evil Moja invade and spoil the fun. To save the world and restore the happiness of the little globs of fun, you must take on the role of the planet itself, rolling the LocoRoco to safety and attacking the beastly Moja attackers. Play is centred almost entirely upon the shoulder buttons which is used to tilt the planet, so that the LocoRoco can roll and bounce their way through the levels, singing as they go.

Loco Roco takes place over 5 worlds, each consisting of 8 levels. The goal for each level is simply to get to the end, picking up as many LocoRoco along the way as you can. LocoRoco are round jelly-like blobs of colour which come in 6 different species, each with a unique colour and musical preference. Once you have unlocked each kind you can choose what type you wish to use for each level but unfortunately this makes no difference to gameplay – just to the music that you will hear. The amorphous LocoRocos can change shape to help them work their way through the level; moulding around their environment, growing as they eat berries or even splitting from one large blob into several small individuals.

Loco Roco is a few years old now but remains a delight to play and still feels completely unique from anything apart from its sequel. The graphics are simple but extremely pleasing, with gorgeous colours and inventive level design. Some reviewers complain that it is a little too simplistic but I disagree; Loco Roco manages to be simple but compelling, cute but not saccharine and repetitive but never boring. Even if you think that this sort of game is not for you, if you've got a PSP it really is worth trying, especially now that it is widely available for less than a tenner.Loco Roco £5.66 @ 365 Games [PSP Game]

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Mike Hock (Of Bitter Wallet fame)  Sep. 1, 2009 at 13:30

The graphics/real life boundaries are really blurred now.

680141  Jul. 1, 2014 at 11:47

I dont get the picture


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